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How To CATCH UP ON ALTS In Patch 8.3 - WoW BfA

Learn more about how to unlock flying in Battle for Azeroth. This post goes through requirements as of the initial 8. If you haven't completed the first part of the achievement, we recommend you doing so right now, so that you can work on Part Two right after Rise of Azshara hits live servers.

You can find more details about the mount in this post. Kind of makes flying pointless for anything other then exploring everywhere you already have been to sadly.

how to fly in mechagon

This is why I'm glad I only leveled one character this xpac pre flying. Drustvar in particular will be so much easier with Pathfinder. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed.

Mechagon Zone Guide and Junkyard Tinkering

Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted April 17, Criteria The criteria to unlock flying in Patch 8.World of Warcraft's latest update, Patch 8. If you're an active player, you should already have Battle for Azeroth Part One completed.

Part Two is available once 8. So don't expect to take flight straight away. If you're a newer player, though, expect flying to take a few weeks of grinding. The good news is that these achievements are account-wide, though, so all of your characters will be able to fly once you complete both Part One and Part Two.

If you're confused about what steps you have left in these achievements, Wowhead has a great tool that shows you exactly what you have to do.

how to fly in mechagon

This will be the most time-intensive part of unlocking flying because players are expected to have been chipping away at Part One since Battle for Azeroth first launched. The biggest grind will undoubtedly be Azerothian Diplomat, which required 'revered' reputation with the six main factions in Battle for Azeroth.

That alone could take a more casual player months to complete.

How to unlock flying in World of Warcraft's 8.2 update, Rise of Azshara

It's a little confusing, but Part One is actually a series of individual achievements which are often themselves a series of different achievements you have to first complete in order to earn the Part One achievement itself.

Here's a breakdown of what achievements you'll need and what they require:. This achievement is, thankfully, much easier to earn. In addition to needing to complete Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One to unlock this achievement, the rest of its requirements can be met in a week or so of heavy grinding. And that's it! Hopefully you've been chipping away at Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One for months now and already have it completed, otherwise this will be a long and arduous grind.

Wowhead has a great guide that further breaks down the requirements for each achievement and even lists the exact coordinates of areas you need to discover, so you don't waste time running all over the map. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

Steven Messner. See comments. Topics MMO.Mechagon is a big island, full of robots. It was King Mechagon that had the idea that all organic life is fragile and weak. So he decided to put mechanical parts into organic creatures. Since he was obsessed, he wanted more and more parts to become mechanical and the final goal, remove all that is left of organic material.

Not everyone shares his crazy ideas. One of them is the Prince Erazmin who is the leader of the Rustbolt Resistance. This resistance wants to stop the King from achieving his goal.

Full Mechagon Guide

And that is the actual Mechagon Dungeon, where you start outside on the island and move in through the sewers to finally reach Mechagon city to confront King Mechagon. Do the starting quest in Newhome Horde or Mezzamere Alliance. Once completed, you get the reward "Unlock World Quests". Run next to the Flight master and you will see goblins further away.

Head to the area you took the boat to mechagon. Talk to Captain Krogg. For Alliance players, you head to Boralus in Tiragard Sound. Run next to the Flight master and you will see goblins next to it see pics. There are 5 different types of machines that can be fixed and two of them are available per time they are up. Different construction projects are available every day.

When you run across a piece of broken machinery, you and others can team up to repair it by contributing resources. These resources are Mechagon Tinkering items that you gather through various sources in Mechagon. There are 4 different types of Tinkering items, but only two of them are used for repairing machines. Talk to Waren Gearhart in Rustbolt, when you want to find out what construction projects are available that day. Many construction projects can be completed by one person, but some requires a lot of resources and several players to complete once activated.

Activating all 5 construction projects will reward you with the achievement: Diveresed Investments. Drill Rigs will blast a cave entrance that is blocked with stones wide open and give you access to a cave called Crumbling Cavern. In there, you will have loads of small mobs spawning over and over, and yes, they all drop Spare Parts loot.

Once completed, you get "Access: Charging Station" which grants temporary access to the charging station allowing you to charge Empty Energy Cells five times.

Wath out for the mob "Scrapbone Energy Eater" that will attack you after you charge the cells. Killing him and looting will give you. Launch Pads it seems that this was removed and instead Rustbolt Armories came in This launch Pad will give everyone a chance to fly around on Mechagon for a while.

You strap a rocket pack onto the back of anything and it will fly straight up in the sky. These are similar to Jewelcrafting Gems. It gives you an extra benefit on a specific trinket. You can basically custom make a specific punchcard trinket by using punchcards on the empty slots on that trinket. And the cards have different cool stuff. This gives secondary stats — Mastery, Versatility, Crit, Haste. It gives 2 of them per card.

how to fly in mechagon

This card gives a cool ability. For example, increase lung capacity byor Track nearby Mechanical Creatures. This card gives an ability that you use on enemies. For example.It seems a bit early for people to be flying already. Nor was it the parrot.

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This was someone using and controlling their Sandstone Drake. Are people already getting Pathfinder Part 2? Someone put up a thread post that someone got the pathfinder part 2 already, was a streamer or something.

My guess is the streamer had concentrated help. Ill get flying but im not going to pull my hair out or put my nose to the grindstone 24hrs a day to get it. Its not a race. Run war mode, have guide outlining every possible rep from catching rare fish to pet battles, have no life for a week.

But I agree. Flying will come when it comes. At least now I can work toward it. Yeah, there were some repeatable ways to get reputation, so if it was your primary focus, you could get it. I expect to see a lot more people reaching it in the next weeks. My main is a BE and she is already half way through the rep.

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Now those who main a human should be far ahead of most folks if they been grinding it out since day 1 due to their racial. I expect to unlock in the next twoish days. Its called being human.

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Meanwhile my undead is reputation from revered with mechagon, and 2k into revered with naz. Yep today is the day flying would be unlocking for people who have been doing a chunk of the rep stuff.

Community General Discussion. Momimtopdps-norgannon 1 July 2. Krystella-emerald-dream 1 July 3. If they wanted it bad enough, people have farmed recyclable parts for rep. Kypookins-baelgun Kypookins 1 July 6. Tips-exodar 1 July 7.

Sincubus-moon-guard Sincubus 1 July 8. Mech rep can be grinded for, especially with a full party to help. Naj can too but its worse.

Its a huge time investment and takes tons of help. Not worth it, in my view.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now.

how to fly in mechagon

Recent Blue Posts 12 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Thread: How long does it take to get reps for flying in BFA? How long does it take to get reps for flying in BFA? Like the title says, how long does it take? I resubbed after very long time and I noticed a rep bonus that ends now anyway. How long realistically I would need to get the required reputations? It seems to be pretty cancer content, so Im not sure if its even worth the effort.

Reply With Quote. Make sure to do regular zone quests until they no longer give you rep. Levelling via anything else other than questing is slowing you back in terms of both exp and reputation. If you want flying asap, you will do quests. Depends on you attitude and how long ago you unsubbed, I completed part 2 in about 8 days after taking a 2 month break.

If you are and have done stuff in the world - you should be pretty close to having pathfinder 1. If not, the WQs might hold you up. Doing all activities in Mech and Naz, I got pathfinder part 2 in 10 days For me it took I think weeks until I completed the rep for Nazjatar and Mecha Originally Posted by det. Originally Posted by shadowmatrix. Originally Posted by Nikeyla. Well I played like a month or so at the bfa start.

I quit because it got boring too fast, but I have PF 1. I think that the only thing Im missing are the reps 2 new reps, but I did some questing in Nazjatar and it was soo boring. Im scared to even touch the mechagnome area after seeing nazjatar map layout.

I hoped the rep buff will remain, but rip catch up I guess. Too bad I pretty much missed the reputation bonusForgot your password? Mechagon is an island off the coast of Drustvar. It was introduced in Patch 8. It features a small main quest line for both Horde and Alliance and is very loosely connected to the events of the Rise of Azshara patch.

Guide: How to get to Mechagon as Alliance/Horde

On the island, players will be given various activities to help Prince Erazmin of Mechagon, but will also have the opportunity to try the new Mythic-only dungeon, Operation: Mechagon and The Robodrome arena. Rewards include a number of achievementsmountsand many many items from Junkyard Tinkering. There are also profession recipes available after farming reputation with Mechagon's faction: The Rustbolt Resistance. As stated above, there is a small quest line that will be offered to both Horde and Alliance.

Upon completion of the initial quest line for either faction, players will have the ability to explore and freely do any of the following activities:.

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After players have unlocked their faction's new allies in Nazjatar, they will be able to pick up up the Mechagon breadcrumb quest Fame Waits for Gnome One in Mezzamere and Rumors of Mechagon in Newhome. Once you have unlocked Mechagon, you will need to earn the trust of Prince Erazmin's and work your way up the standings with the Rustbolt Resistance faction. The quest lines for each area will be the same for both Horde and Alliance from here onwards.

One of the first things you will notice in Mechagon is that you keep looting Spare Parts and sometimes also Empty Energy Cell s and more rarely Energy Cell s. These items are used exclusively for Junkyard Tinkeringthe Mechagon-exclusive profession.

Please refer to our Junkyard Tinkering section for more information. Please refer to our Charging Station section for more information. When you complete both quest lines, you can begin to freely explore the rest of the island.

There is a total of 11 other locations on the island that you can discover and will have quest lines or daily quests for you complete. They are as follows with quest lines listed.

As you can see, not all of these locations have quest lines, but they almost all have daily quests. We are now going to look at the rest of the non-daily quests before moving on to daily quests in the next section. The Bondo's Yard's quests listed above lead to unlocking the Charging Station. There are a total of 7 Paint Vial quests that you can pick up from the rare elites that spawn in Mechagon. Information about which mob drops which vial is from PTR comments on Wowhead. Collecting all the vials rewards you with the Available in Eight Colors achievement, which counts towards the Mecha-Done meta-achievement see the achievement section for more information.

Recycler Kerchunk will have a daily, non-repetitive quest for you to complete. Each quest is a part of a series that ends with you acquiring the Scrapforged Mechaspider mount. The completion time will span over a few weeks. Completing this quest line rewards you with the Making the Mount achievement, which counts towards the Mecha-Done meta-achievement see the achievement section for more information.

In order to begin the quest line, you need to speak with Danielle Anglerswho is located on the west coast of Mechagon.By StanJune 24, in News. Flying Requirements in Battle for Azeroth Patch 8. According to Game Director Ion Hazzikostas it's going to take a couple of weeks to unlock flying in Patch 8. Class mechanics are so bad they are nearly unplayable. Azerite is the biggest bust in the history of the game and it's taking them over a year to fix it?

The upcoming raid is, at best, mediocre garbage and according to a lot of the raiding community, pure horse manure. But at least after a year of stomaching the utter mess that is BfA, we get to fly Blizz has said they recognize that and have worked to fix it. Software development takes time - especially given that this is a core mechanic of the game. Also, BFA launched 9 months ago and they introduced a tactical fix with 8.

Getting flying through pathfinder has been the mechanic in both WOD and Legion. Blizz has again said they keep it this way so that players can experience the world before just flying over it. Hate this school of thought if you want, but its not something new to get fired up about.

Blizzard was given mass feedback about the failure of Azerite all the way back when it was in beta. That is over a year ago, can you count boy or are you still trying to figure out your gender? Also, the essences are not in-depth enough to have taken that long to get up and running. Imagine how much sooner we would have gotten it if they hadn't wasted time on Cos, which only very few people got to experience. Don't give me that tired old excuse that it was created by a single person; an entire raid does not make it in the game by a single person working on it.

Blizzard's excuse for not giving us flying: "Because we want people to experience the world that we spent so much time creating. Sure, that's a legit reason, pride and narcissism. Go ahead and continue to fanboy support this mess. I for one will express my opinions and concerns, because I've played this game since vanilla and I am invested in it, and I would like to make Azeroth great again.

In any case, this recruitment for flying is gonna be a cakewalk. Just need to spend time in the new zones and do some stuff, which folks should be doing anyway. I'm kinda sad that flying is coming. I really like the visuals of the scenery in BFA. I know I will still level alts on ground mounts no matter what. I understand that travel time to some is a big deal, but not this guy. Hes either a 13 year old or a very very angry adult. I can't wait for all the butthurt from the lazy people who haven't even started Pathfinder Part1 when we are all flying around.

Happens every time. Big ruckus about how flying should come with max level, they should be able to buy it, etc, etc. These are also the same people who complain the loudest about lack of content. Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

And it ain't over now.

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