Fractal Design's Define S chassis allows you to mount three mm or two mm cooling fans directly behind the bezel. This feature allows more interior space for larger radiators or push-pull fan configurations.

fractal design define c front panel removal

The bezel's ventilated sides provide sufficient airflow for the factory default fan locations configurations. Opening the front of the bezel will improve airflow even more. The Define S bezel is factory molded from ABS plastic, which is very durable and resilient to cracking. Removing a majority of the face plate didn't effect overall rigidity. This allows you to write measurements onto the bezel and protects it from being scratched by the Jigsaw.

Measure and mark off the portion of material you wish to remove.

fractal design define c front panel removal

This cut-out will have 1" bordered frame of material remaining. Put on your Safety Glasses and use Rotary Tool with cutting wheel to make incision cuts in each corner. This will allow you to use a Jigsaw to make the long straight cuts efficiently. After finishing all of the cuts with the jigsaw, use a hand file and medium grit sand paper to clean and fix all of the edges. These are two of the multiple mounting pegs on the backside of the bezel.

We've chosen to remove the inner facing base support of each peg with a Wire cutter, so the mesh can be cut as rectangular piece. This step isn't required if you cut the Modder's Mesh sheet to fit around each mounting peg. Use medium sand paper to smooth over the surface after cutting the one side of each peg base. This material is 22 gauge perforated plain steel.

It's great for creating custom fan guards, grills, and cooling vents like this. It does need to be painted or clear coated otherwise it is a bare steel and will oxidize over time.

The mesh grill will be attached with 3M Scotch Weld DP two part epoxy with mixture applicator attachment. Place bezel on it's face. Apply the epoxy with it's applicator over the mesh overlapping the back of the bezel.

It will ooze and sink into the individual holes of the mesh.

Fractal Design Define 7 Mid-Tower Chassis Review (Page 4)

Use c-clamps or spring loaded clamps to hold the mesh in position as it cures for 24 hours. Place some heavy objects on the mesh.

This will prevent the mesh from bowing or warping as the DP epoxy during it's 24 hour cure time. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. PC Mod Tools. PC Pop Rivets. Modders Mesh. Honeycomb Mesh Round Mesh. Acrylic Sheets. Vinyl Film Wraps Sheets. PC Window. PC Window Decals.

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PC U-Channel Trim.We wrote this section for the R6 back in and added some additional comments with the S2 in Almost all of the changes are in the front panel. Since unclipping the front filter must be done from the inside of the panel, and the inside of the panel is difficult to reach without removing the whole front of the case, it adds a minor layer of inconvenience to cleaning the front filter.

One other subtle change was made from the older Meshify, which is that the layer of filtration foam backing the steel mesh has much wider pores and is less restrictive to airflow.

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This foam is held against the uneven steel surface with spacers built into the plastic frame, which is a thoughtful touch. The top panel is exactly the same as the front, but without the decorative pattern of bends.

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Other than that, the final minor point of interest was that the fans were not connected to the fan hub out of the box. Prior to load testing, we collect idle temperature results for ten minutes to determine the unloaded cooling performance of a case's fans and air channels.

Thermal benchmarking is conducted for seconds 23 minutesa period we've determined sufficient for achieving equilibrium. The over-time data is aggregated and will occasionally be compiled into charts, if interesting or relevant. The equilibrium performance is averaged to create the below charts. Testing is completely automated using in-house scripting, and executes with perfect accuracy on every run. We recently validated our test methodology using a thermal chamber, finding our approach to be nearly perfectly accurate.

Learn more here. For additional tests, we removed the mesh section of the front panel effectively removing the front paneltried putting the sealed steel top cover from the Define S2 on top of the case, and did a test with the layer of foam removed from the front panel. Starting with only the relevant Fractal cases on the chart, the S2 Meshify and R6, which uses the same base chassis, are within margin of error for testing without a front panel.

Stock CPU temperature was For radiators, obviously, this is a major improvement.

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Taking just the sheet of foam out of the front cover, but leaving the front cover on, posted an impressively large improvement down to This second layer of mesh is obstructing intake partially, although the theoretical benefit is reduced dust intake. For extra cooling performance, removing this filter layer and relying on the steel mesh to catch dust is about as good as it gets. Comparatively, The fans and internal layout of this S2 are the same as the older one, so most the credit goes to the new front panel and light filter layer for improvement.

Removing the foam layer puts it on par with the HM Mesh, close to the top of the chart and at 46 degrees over ambient. GPU torture testing is next, again starting with Fractal first. With no alterations to the case, the Meshify S2 hits Sealing the top panel had greater effect, raising it to Taken together with the CPU temperatures, it seems like the foam is light enough that it can do more good than harm, but our personal preference is to remove it for maximum cooling performance.

Comparatively, this case is in the lower-third of our truncated list of results, placing around where the Level 20MT and HP sit. Fractal is still using fans that overall favor silence to performance, and that shows here.

Other design elements still have to line-up, and PSU shrouds or cramped GPU chambers do limit cooling potential, even when mesh is present. Our Blender tests are a real-world workload, and should be more representative of temperatures that will be seen during normal use.

We are within margin of error of the Define S2 non-mesh case, which is again a result of limited heat load generated by this test. The GPU render averaged Acoustics have the case at The company is trying to find a balance between performance and noise, and this ranking on the acoustics chart is reasonable overall. The S2 was a fine case, and our main complaint with it was that it was the same thing as a product that Fractal was already selling.

The previous conclusion was more or less that buyers should choose whichever was cheaper, either the R6 or the S2, but that most other differences were minimal some liquid cooling support notwithstanding.

Fractal Design Support

Branding it as Meshify and improving the thermal performance is the stand-out feature that it needed. The S2 Meshify is a good case on the whole.I freely admit to being a small form-factor enthusiast myself, and as much as I like mini-ITX, there are times when micro-ATX just makes sense. Naturally, at least one mITX X99 board is available, but this is limited to a pair of memory slots and — of course — has just one PCIe slot.

Let's get started! The Define Mini C has styling identical to the rest of the current Define lineup. If you like the minimalist aesthetic as I do, this is a good thing. There are no external drive bays on any of these Define cases, and the front panel is solid.

The top panel features a removable insert if fans or radiators will be used on the upper mounts, and this panel is insulated to reduce noise for builds that don't need fans up top. On the bottom there are four rubber-tipped feet, and a filter that runs the length of the case, and slides out from the front:. Editor-in-Chief at PC Perspective. Writer of computer stuff, vintage PC nerd, and full-time dad. Still in search of the perfect smartphone. In his nonexistent spare time Sebastian's hobbies include hi-fi audio, guitars, and road bikes.

Currently investigating time travel. Man, Fractal knows how to Man, Fractal knows how to make a design that scales from the biggest to the smallest, and makes each and every SKU feel like it was designed for that one case.

Could you re-test with second Could you re-test with second fan, what impact does it really have? From the information provided From the information provided in the review, it appears you can attach 2x mm or 3x mm on the Front side. The cut outs shows to support 2x mm of the Front side. There seems to be missing some cuts outs at the bottom to be able to install a 3rd mm fan. According to the official According to the official product sheet, 2 front fans are supported mm or mm.

However, eyeballing the vertical dimension, i guess 3 front fans would require mm models. I wouldnt call it that small I wouldnt call it that small. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Manufacturer: Fractal Design. Introduction and Case Exterior 2. Case Interior 3. Build Process 4. Test Setup and Methodology 5. Video News. Next A handcrafted and possibly artisinal CPU with a 15m die size.

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Ships from United States. Sold and Shipped by Newegg. Designed from the ground up, the Define R6 goes beyond iteration with a profound stride of innovation—the latest and largest step in the legacy of the world-renowned Define Series.

Sound-dampened steel panels encase a fully redesigned interior with more storage capability than ever before, and with nine fan mounts, a PWM fan hub and mm radiator support, the R6 is the perfect platform for building your dream water loop. Expanding on the timeless elegant form and silent modular function that brought so much success to its predecessors, the new Define R6 offers the most demanding hardware enthusiast a solid foundation and flexible framework with limitless potential.

Rock-solid build quality with high-density industrial dampening delivers studio-worthy sound supression. An advanced new design gives users the choice between a soundproof steel cover or filtered multi-fan ventilation in the top panel. Easily convert between the Standard Layout for maximum storage capacity or the new Open Layout for superior water cooling support and clear path of air flow. The ventilated power supply shroud and Modular Storage Plate offer a multitude of mounting options to arrange drives and conceal excess cabling for a clean, clutter-free interior.

How To: Fractal Design Define S "Mesh" Custom Replacement Front Bezel Plate Mod

The highly modular interior of the R6 includes six universal drive trays that can be independently repositioned to suit components, cooling and cable routing.

Liquid-cooling options abound with support for radiators up to mm on top, mm in front and up to mm in the base. Overall Review: Looks neat, has every feature one would need, quality is great, fans are not noisy All in all, very happy with it!. Pros: - Tons of space for everything you might need - Extremely easy to build on - Fully Modular gives it unlimited flexibility to build as desired, and will be adaptable for years to come - Runs very silently.

Glass window really didn't decrease that. PWM allowed my older Motherboard to operate them seamlessly. Included all hardware needed and then some. Room to add plenty of bling, but great for those not looking to build an over the top looking system.First up, we must open the door to show inside the sound dampened door.

We see that behind the door, we find a more intricate door hinge along with the removable filters and louvers in place to direct airflow into the front fans.

This is a nice convenience feature as the front filters can be removed and cleaned without removing the front panel. Pulling the front panel was easy enough as it has plastic pegs that cause a friction fit to retain the panel to the chassis body.

Here you can see the slotted front mounting for cooling fans or radiators. Toward the top, you can see the 5. Peeking behind the dark tinted glass shows us where all our parts will soon be nestled. Fractal decided to ship the Define 7 in open configuration this time around, as I am assuming many users liked it in that mode.

However, should you need a large amount of storage possible, it is as simple as pulling that flat-panel covering the portion toward the front panel, which can move toward the glass panel to enable the multitude of HDD trays behind it. The open expanse of the Define 7 is massive and should fit most any liquid cooling or extreme build you can come up with.

Looking into the inside of the front panel mounting and we can see the two preinstalled mm fans dominate the front mounting, but with the removal of a panel on the PSU shroud will allow even more cooling to install down into the PSU chamber area. The top panel of the chassis lifts off with ease as it is retained by ball and socket retention. Once removed, we find a removable filter that spans the entire top of the chassis from front to rear. The filter lifts off after sliding backward about half of an inch.

Removing the filter, we now see the top mounting for radiators or fans. One thing that I found very cool was that the section of the top and outer frame bar comes off to allow easy access during building. As you can see, there are two screws, one at each end front and back, which can be removed, then the top mostly comes off the chassis.

This will allow a more comfortable build along with the preinstallation of radiators or fans without having to fuss about inside the chassis. Here we have the airflow panel, which we fitted to ensure it works as expected along with to observe any potential issues during swapping or using the two panels.

Keep in mind that the original panel was solid steel with sound deadening lining the interior of the panel. As you can see with the ventilated airflow panel, the ventilation cutouts are spanning the entire area where the filter we observed previously resides.

Shannon started his PC journey around the age of six in Now till present day, he has established himself in the overclocking world, spending many years pushing the limits of hardware on LN2. Mid-Tower Cases. Inside the Define 7. We may earn an affiliate commission. Prev Page Next Page. If any company representative wishes to respond, we will publish the response here.

Please contact us if you wish to respond. Newsletter Subscription.The big shocker comes in our bang-for-the-buck chart, where the Meshify C, Define-C, and S Elite finish in a virtual tie. However, the Meshify C has better radiator support. Though it may not be a world beater in either performance or price, good quality and support for additional cooling make the Fractal Design Meshify C worthy of your consideration.

Home Reviews. See all comments 9. Good article, Thomas. Now that the Define C TG has been released, it seems like if you want glass, you can choose between the Meshify and the Define for either cooling or silence.

Would love to hear if there are any plans to review the Define C TG and make those comparisons as well? Holy crap. Maybe this is why I've had lung problems within the last few years after getting 2 of their XL cases?

This freakin world I mean really, 2 new pieces of large asphalt with CFM of air movement through the case. I just love the USB sockets on Fractal cases. They are neat and complete metal surrounds. Not those cheap looking split petal ones. Hate those. When I first saw the front of this my mind immediately went to acoustic rooms with their odd angled walls.

It seems I was wrong and I'm actually quite disappointed. I can see how it would help airflow though. More surface area means more open space and the angled mesh provides more surface area Finally, 2years late to the party, Fractal adds glass. Jokes aside, can anyone tell me which case has a similar front design? I know I've seen something similar before. They state it in the article.

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I also found a comment by fractal in another site, they refer to it as bitumen based. I took the sides of the cases off last night, smelled closely, still very fresh after a couple years. Coincidentally, my headache got worse last night after smelling them. I think it's mostly odorless hydrocarbons though.

All in all, 2 XL cases and the mini ITX case, and it's several square feet of asphalt that's been spewing gasses into the room until equilibrium is reached. Now I have to rip those things out of my cases. I thought it was awesome when I got them, but if someone would have told me what it was, I would have never bought them.There are no LEDsthough, so we must all mourn.

OK, mourning over. This Fractal Define R6 review looks at build quality, thermal and acoustic performance, and cable management features. Before getting started, you can find each of these cases on Amazon here:. The R6 is surprisingly heavy: Black, blackout, white, and gunmetal versions of the case are available, both with and without tempered glass. Other than the full glass side panel, the case is absolutely a Fractal design a Fractal Design design?

The side panels are fastened with thumbscrews, but these are optional and mostly to keep things secure during shipping--the panels lock into place tightly enough without them. With the screws removed, the panels can be hinged outwards a few degrees before fully coming off. This applies to the tempered glass panel as well, which means no holes in the glass with Frankenstein bolts through them. The top panel of the R6 is composed of two layers: a standard mesh filter, and a steel plate backed with acoustic foam clipped over it.

With the steel plate on, the top is completely closed; with it removed, the top is completely open except for the filter. The whole sandwich unlatches and lifts slightly when a button on the rear of the case is pressed, similar to the side panel detachment on the Hi.

fractal design define c front panel removal

That initially sounds like a ripoff, but it seems likely that the R6 had already gone into production by the time Fractal realized there would be demand for USB Type-C, and that this was the best compromise available. PSU shrouds with vertical GPU mounts cause trouble: generic PCIe riser cables generally bump up against the shroud and refuse to fit, which is an issue we were constantly dealing with until receiving this cable.

There is a single 5. Like the R5, the R6 has an oddly fancy 5. The hard drive bays are held in place with one captive thumbscrew and a plastic tab that hooks into the chassis.

fractal design define c front panel removal

Additional screws can be added for security during transportation, but the thumbscrew is plenty. A metal cover obscures the drive from external view in the standard layout, like the Cooler Master CP. After the 5. This is mostly an aesthetic change, but it does remove some airflow obstructions and allow more clearance for radiators.

Three Dynamic X2 GP mm fans are preinstalled. The R6 does come with a fan hub, which supports six three-pin fans and three four-pin. Unlike the R5, there are no external controls for the fan hub, just a PWM header that connects to the motherboard. The filters are massive. The top, front, and bottom sides of the case are all fully covered by individual filters, which is the most basic and practical approach possible.

Top exhaust will always be obstructed by the filter, especially with a top-mounted radiator. Still, most users will probably keep the steel plate in place, which prevents top exhaust altogether. We tested using our new Skylake case test bench, detailed in the table below. Conducting thermal tests requires careful measurement of temperatures in the surrounding environment.

We control for ambient by constantly measuring temperatures with thermocouples and laser readers.

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